Mail Boxes Etc. is pleased to notify our e-box customers that they are automatically exempt of sales taxes in the USA on orders placed with

If you are an e-box customer, you can shop at Amazon free of state sales taxes. This is a unique benefit for MBE customers, representing up to 7% of savings on Amazon orders. All you need to do is use your e-box address and make sure you include the complete zip code 33192-4177 when placing your order.

At MBE we are always looking for ways to provide cost-effective shipping solutions to our customers. This benefit was made possible through successful negotiations between Mail Boxes Etc. corporate and USA authorities in consideration of the goods being exported from the USA.

The tax exemption applies only to e-box air shipping and is linked specifically to the zip code 33192-4177. This means that the automatic tax exemption does not apply to ocean cargo shipping which has a different address and zip code.