All e-box customers enjoy the benefit of not paying sales taxes in the USA on orders placed on Amazon and ebay. This is a unique benefit for Mail Boxes Etc. customers, representing up to 7% of savings on online purchases from these vendors. All you need to do is use your e-box address and make sure you include the complete zip code 33192-4177 when placing your order.

At MBE we are always looking for ways to provide cost-effective shipping solutions to our customers. This benefit was made possible through successful negotiations between Mail Boxes Etc. corporate and Florida state authorities in consideration of goods being exported out of the USA.

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In order to enjoy this tax-free benefit, it is a stipulation that all  merchandise shipped to our e-box address in Miami must be exported to the Cayman Islands. The tax exemption benefit is granted on the premise that the goods are intended only for export and not intended for use within the United States. Consequently, it is not possible for customers to pick up packages from the E-Box office in Miami nor to redirect packages within the USA. Packages that cannot be exported must be returned to the supplier or otherwise discarded.


This tax-exemption programme was initially instated in 2021 only for Amazon purchases however it was temporarily suspended between December 1, 2022 and June 1, 2023. If you are an e-box customer and you paid sales tax on any Amazon purchase shipped through e-box during this time, you may be eligible for a refund of the sales tax that you paid to Amazon. The refund process is done from your e-box account. Instructions on how to apply for a tax refund can be found by clicking the link below.

Important note: The tax exemption applies only to e-box air shipping and is linked specifically to the zip code 33192-4177. This means that the tax exemption does not apply to ocean cargo shipping which has a different address and zip code.

N.B. The sales tax exemption is not related to Cayman Islands Customs import duties, which continue to apply.