Virtual and Physical Mailboxes available!

We offer you a choice between a virtual or a physical mailbox. Both types give you a Cayman Islands mailing address and function just like a normal P.O. Box.

General Features of Virtual and Physical Mailboxes

 Your mailing address is also a street address so you can use it to receive regular postal mail and courier from FedEx, DHL & UPS, which do not deliver to P.O. Boxes.

 We will handle the Customs clearance of all your incoming packages

 Mail holding and forwarding 

 Conveniently located in Camana Bay and Harbour Walk (Red Bay)

Select your preferred mailbox type below to get started.

Choose between a Physical or a Virtual Mailbox

Physical Mailbox

  • All the General Features listed above, plus:
  • 24-hour access to your mailbox (at Camana Bay only)
  • Mailbox comes with a key
  • Email notifications for packages received
  • 3 mailbox sizes based on your needs: Personal, Small Business and Corporate
  • Subscription paid annually
  • Starting at CI$149 (incl. $10 security deposit)

 Virtual Mailbox

  • View images of your mail on any mobile device or pc
  • Select an action such as open & scan, forward or discard
  • Hold important mail for in-store pickup
  • Secure Android and Apple compatible app
  • Powered by Anytime Mailbox
  • Subscription paid monthly or annually
  • Starting at CI$16.49/month or CI$169/year

Already have a Physical Mailbox and want to go Virtual?

If you have an existing Mail Boxes Etc. physical mailbox and want to receive your mail digitally, you can get the best of both worlds with the Virtual Mailbox add-on. For a low monthly fee, you can use the Virtual Mailbox app to manage your mail remotely and keep your current box number.

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Important: If you are looking to switch from a Physical Mailbox to a Virtual Mailbox, you will have to close your Physical Mailbox and receive a new virtual mailbox address with a different mailbox number. To do this contact your MBE Centre for assistance.

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