Terms & Conditions

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The Customer authorizes and appoints Mail Boxes Etc. to perform the following on behalf of the Customer: (a) acquire certain merchandise designated by the Customer; and (b) to receive parcels purchased by or on behalf of the Customer, at locations designated by Mail Boxes Etc. The Customer certifies that all invoices provided by the Customer or the sender of the goods to be a true representation of the contents and fair market value of the goods.

Customs Fees :

All packages entering the Cayman Islands are subject to Customs inspection and payment of applicable duties. The customer authorizes Mail Boxes Etc. to pay the assessed fees to H.M. Customs on behalf of the customer. The customer agrees to reimburse Mail Boxes Etc. these fees prior to the package being released.

Collection of Packages & Mail / Payment Authorization:

Customers should settle payment and collect their packages or make delivery arrangements within 5 business days to avoid a storage fee of up to $5.00 per day per shipment. The customer must have a valid credit card on file at all times and authorize Mail Boxes to charge their card for packages and mail that have not been collected and their account settled within 5 business days. After 30 days, uncollected packages will be discarded and the account placed in default..

Freight and Handling Fees for Packages & Mail:

Air cargo fees are assessed per package based on the billable weight defined as the greater of actual weight when placed on a scale and the dimensional weight calculated as follows: Width x Height x Length / 166 (measured in inches). Ocean freight fees are calculated on the consolidated cubic foot dimensions calculated as follows: Width x Height x Length / 1728 (measured in inches). Freight fees for mail, magazines and other documents are assessed in accordance with the customer’s selected rate plan.

Shop & Ship Premium and Elite Services renew automatically each year unless cancelled before the renewal date.